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Alanya Castle || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle it is the only Seljuk fortress preserved until our time. In 1225 to replace the ruins of a Roman Fort A New Castle was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. 83 towers and 140 bastions, three rows the castle, which is surrounded by walls, consists of parts of the inner and outer Castle as a whole. Aya Yorgi Church, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Mosque, Akşabe Sultan Tomb Seljuk Bath, Arasta, Bedesten, Sitti Zeynep Tomb, Sultan Alaaddin The castle, consisting of Palace, cisterns large and small, lighthouse and Dungeon, is a treasure of history.

Red Tower || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Red Tower

The Red Tower, named after the cut stones in the lower and upper parts, was built in 1226. Even today, one still on his feet due to the location of the standing tower where it sits between the eastern facade and the western facade, it is 2m.a difference in height has. The octagonal-shaped tower has five stories. A rising from the middle of the ground floor up to the fifth floor the department is located at. This section, which serves as a water cistern, is the backbone of the tower. Ground floor Ethnographic Museum serves as.

Dim Cave || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Dim Cave

The Dim cave is located in kuzkaya village. To the east of Alanya is the mountain of Cebireis (1691 m.) is found on the Western Slope. Dim just in front of its cave, 250 m. used as a picnic spot below, base of sycamore trees, slopes of pine it is located in the dim Valley, which is covered with forests. To the cave, both from the Valley of Dim stream and from the village of Yaylalı in the South it can be reached by walking. From the village of Yaylali, you can walk along the irrigation canal which was opened at the foot of Mount Cebireis and walk 50 the cave can be reached in minutes. Features: total length 357 m. it is horizontal and dry cave type. Just the end there is a quiet little lake in the part. Dim cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Turkey. Near Alanya it is suitable to visit because of its location and the surrounding area is covered with picnic places and forests. Prehistory and history "Gavurini cave" by the surrounding people due to its use as a shelter by the people during the Times" it has been named as.

Dim Tea || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Dim Tea

From the Taurus Mountains to the east of Alanya to the Mediterranean Sea poured Dim tea on the shores of the coast about 15 kilometers away there are picnic places. In the country restaurants under the great çınarlar, tables are set up in tea during the summer months. Guests sit in the water with their bare feet. Also on the slopes near the water coast and on the water coast are wood authentic dining tables are set up with cushions on the terraces. In some restaurants, tables are on rafts. With forests the covered valley is cool even on summer days. The preferred food in this region is Trout. Trout restaurant it is kept in pools in their gardens. It is cooked in a pan, grill or oven as a casserole. Mountain biking in the area and there are suitable routes for trekking.

Boat-yacht tour / Blue Cruise || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Boat-yacht tour / Blue Cruise

Watching the unique bays of the Mediterranean from the Open, reaching out to boats and taking in the unique view of Yesil and blue would you like a long glide? Join our tour in the clear blue-turquoise sea under the shining sun. Many swimming point, caves, animations, boat grill, great views...Relax, have fun, and a lot more. is waiting for you...

Damlataş Cave || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Damlataş Cave

Alanya is located in the city and on the Sea coast. 3 km from the centre. dir. Features: total length 30 m. being the cave is dry, horizontal cave type. 200 m'.lik covers an area of. A unique number of stalactites and stalagmites the cave is 15 m. it is in height. Carbon dioxide gas, high humidity, low heat and radioactive the air is extremely useful for asthma sufferers. This is why asthma sufferers are the most intense visitors to the cave they form their group. I of the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave.He. Occurs between 20,000-15,000 years it is believed.

Alara Khan || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Alara Khan

The Alara stream, which forms the Alanya-Manavgat border, is 9 km from the sea. built to the North. 35 km from Alanya. away the Alara caravanserai was completely cut off in an area of 2000 m2 by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat in 1232. it's made of stones. Alara Khan, Sentry hut, with its fountain, Masjid and bath which still retain all its features today a spectacular piece.

Sharksahan Caravanserai || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Sharksahan Caravanserai

Alanya-Antalya asphalt 15. it is located at the top of the road in kilometres. On an area of about 850 m2, Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat's son II. It was built between 1236 and 1246 by order of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev.

RAFTING ANTALYA CANYON || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya


Rafting, 7 'to 70' anyone who knows swimming and health problems can try and at least once in their lifetime ez it is a fun,adrenaline-and-excitement high-day nature tour that we recommend trying...Water rafting thanks to the lush nature of the Mediterranean coast during the sweltering days when the temperature reaches 50 C degrees in summer in the middle of a wonderful Canyon,let the cool ice-cold raging water drop and get a little of the sweltering hot air you can stay away and rest and refresh your soul...Visitors breathe through the National Park with the feature of flowing through it the cutter also offers scenic views and views of the Taurus Mountains.

Manavgat Waterfall || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Manavgat Waterfall

3 km of Manavgat district. the waterfall, located to the North, bears the same name as the district. Falling from a staggering height however, it creates a landscape worth seeing with its huge flow over a wide area. Right next to the waterfall fresh fish can be eaten at the restaurants around and picnics can be made at the beginning.

Kurşunlu Falls || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Kurşunlu Falls

Kurşunlu Falls may not be as big and surprising to you as the other waterfalls in Antalya region. But the picnic area around this small waterfall, organized by the Ministry of Forestry, is a small area where the water coming down from the waterfall flows. the pedestrian promenade at the edge of the stream is one of the most interesting places in Antalya in terms of plant richness. it is one. Especially on this promenade and in this section called the plant Tunnel, other than winter during the seasons, a thousand species of plants attract attention.

Düden Falls || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Düden Falls

Düden Falls works wonders twice. The first one is on the road to Lara Beach, 8 km away from Antalya. Sinkhole Here Its water is poured into the sea through cliffs 50 meters high with a big noise. Düden Suyu 15 km from Antalya in the north there is another waterfall called Düdenbaşı waterfall. Running behind Düdenbaşı waterfall the cave takes you to a dream realm. From the hollows of this cave, düden Falls has a different perception, daily you forget your fatigue. The cave then turns each direction of the waterfall in the form of an arc in Turkey, a there is no such beautiful place where you can watch from behind while the waterfall is flowing so loud.

Lovers Cave-Alanya || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Lovers Cave-Alanya

Aşıklar cave is a cave with two entrances on the slope of Alanya's historical peninsula, close to the sea. To Lovers ' Cave After the boat berths on the rocks towards the Cape Cilvarda climbed the rocks. 75 metres it is in length. Due to its low ceiling, the cave is occasionally walked with a tilt. Lovers Cave, Damlataş its mouth on its side is about eight metres above the sea, from which it is jumped into the sea. Meanwhile the boat snouted Cilvarda he turns around and picks up those who jump out of the cave from the sea and continues on his way. according to the legend of antiquity his Pirates hid their loot and captive girls in the cave of lovers. No one named the cave 'lovers' it is believed that he received from lovers who wanted to be alone without being seen.

Cave Of Pirates-Alanya || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya

Cave Of Pirates

The cave of Pirates is a sea cave under the historical peninsula where Alanya Castle is located. You take boats. Peninsula it is the first cave in the surrounding boat tours. Cave of Pirates, the Pirates who used to spread fear around it has a reputation as a place where they store the goods they get from the robberies and hold the girls they kidnap. The Pirates ' cave is estimated at 10 m. wide, 5-6 m. the mouth of small boats with a height of easily it allows them to get in and out. A legend has it that there was a secret way through the cave to the castle and the Pirates of antiquity used to take their loot up this way.

Aspendos-Alanya || Tuğra Suit Hotel Alanya


Aspendos, the city of Pamphylia, is 48 km from Antalya. it is to the east.Aspendos'ya Antalya - Manavgat road leaving an asphalt it is reached by. The town is 8 km from Serik District. east of the Bridge Creek reaches the plain from the mountainous region, one of the it is one of the richest cities built on two hills, one large and the other small. The first name on the coins he minted were also it is Estvadiiys as it can be seen. The most powerful coin in the ancient world is the Aspendos coin.